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The Halter Company established in 2018.  We are based in Parys, Free State and send our halter via Courier or Postnet to you. You are also welcome to visit us at 5 Delver Street, West End, Parys, 9585.
Our Halter get exported to the whole of South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Now Australia. 
Namibia – SWAVET  +264 61 237 356              Botswana- Tholo Holding +267 393 9405 Zimbabwe – BRUCE: +263 77 276 0163
We thrive to offer you good quality halters. Your feedback is very important to us.
The company’s founder Johan Hoewe a well known corrective cattle hoof trimmer saw the need in the market for a quality halter and design the makmaak halter for extra strength and comfort for the animal’s safety.
Our Show halters are strong but make use of the makmaak halter first!
We offer more products for your show needs. Show sticks,  bull rings, branding irons, garden hose, grooming gear and more.
-The Halter Company Team-

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Our Products

Makmaak halter
Seatbelt webbing strength 2.4Ton
Makmaak (L) Large – for a big bull
Makmaak (M) Medium – for a heifer
Makmaak (S) Small – from 7 months to 18 months
Makmaak (B) Baba – Up to 7 months 
Leather Halters
With your logo over the nose
Leather Halters – (L) Large – Big Bull
Leather Halters –  (M) Medium – Heifer
Leather Halter – (S) Small Up to 18 months
Show Halter
1.2 Ton Strength Webbing
Main colors:  Gold | Royal Blue | Red | Black | Green
Show Cattle halter (L) Large – Big bull
Show Cattle halter (M) Medium – Heifer
Show Cattle Halter (S) Small – For a calf up to 18 months
Show Cattle Halter (Baby) up to 7 months
Please note:  All of our halters do have padding over the nose… and all the halters are re-sizable.
Please note that we need full payment with your order
We added Products:

  •  Show equipment, Bull   Rings, Show Sticks,   garden hose.
  • Branding irons. Contact us to design your brand.


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Johan Combrink
Cell: 082 568 5034

Lizette Combrink
Cell: 082 739 7380
Email: info@thehaltercompany.co.za

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